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Alano has a new Caretaker

We have contracted with Keith Taylor to be our caretaker.  He is moving in today, May 8, 2017.

As is our custom, Keith was interviewed the Bard of Directors.  There was a motion and a second and the vote was unanimous in support of Keith.

Also customary is a personalized contract with the caretaker.  The process is simply a meeting between Keith and the Executive Committee of Alano.  The by-laws stipulate that the Executive Committee is also the personnel committee.  In that meeting we hammer out a contract acceptable to Keith and the Committee.

If you see Keith around give him a welcome.

Debtors Anonymous To Meet At Alano

Last fall the Board approved an agreement for Debtors Anonymous to meet at Alano.  We were contacted yesterday and that group now has their sanction from the WSO of Debtors Anonymous.  They will begin meeting at Alano this Saturday at 5:30 PM in what is called the Al-Anon Room.  Their rent will be the minimum start-up charged by Alano – $25.00 per month – beginning in June.



5:30 PM Saturdays


401 S. 11th

St. Joseph, Missouri

Alano Club of St. Joseph

(meeting in the Al-Anon Room)


Alano Has a New Caretaker

The Board interviewed and chose Raymond Shaw as the new Caretaker at the regular monthly Board meeting on April 24, 2016.  Ray gave a three minute presentation on why he believes being Caretaker would be good for him and for Alano.  Everyone was impressed.  His presentation was followed by about ten minutes of questions from Board members.

The Executive Committee of the Board is also the personnel committee.  We shall review the current caretaker contract with Ray and tailor the contract to Ray’s abilities and our needs.  This is not to say that anything will be compromised – it is to say that every caretaker comes with strengths and weaknesses.  Our intention is to focus on the positive.

Alano has operated for sixty-seven years with an all-volunteer work force.  In every case we seek the positive attributes and minimize the negative.  This is in keeping with our Mission of helping others.

Ray has been one of the regular volunteers helping with the restoration of our building.  We are quite familiar with his work.

A few things are likely to change with Ray as Caretaker.  In the past the 12 Step Groups were expected to clean their room.  Some do better than others.  Because we meet in the historic Hax mansion at 401 S. 11th Street, we have unique maintenance needs.  For instance – our parquet wood floors are original with the 1886 mansion.  These floors require specific and regular upkeep.  Ray will likely be tasked with making sure the floors are well maintained, including in the Group meeting areas.  This means regular sweeping and mopping with specific cleaning products.

If you see Ray give him a high five – or a hug – whatever your preference.  We welcome Ray with great hopes for the future of Alano.

New Bylaws of Alano of St. Joseph, April 19, 2015

Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc.
Passed by two-thirds majority at 5:00 PM Sunday April 19, 2015
Article I
Name: Section 1. The name of the Corporation shall be Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc.

Location: Section 2. The location of this corporation shall be 401 S. 11th Street in the city of St. Joseph, in the county of Buchanan, in the state of Missouri, or other places properly adjourned to.

Purpose: Section 3. The purpose shall be to support the groups and members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other non-profit 12 Step Programs.
(a) By renting rooms for meetings.
(b) By renting rooms for social activities for individual members or groups at the discretion of the Board
(c) By creating, conducting and providing for social activities.
(d) By doing the business of the Alano Club.
(e) By adopting and maintaining a basis of self-support but may accept funding or donations equal to or above $2,000 (two thousand dollars) with Board of Directors approval; and less than $2,000 is acceptable without approval.
(f) By cooperating in the larger community of public health
(g) By doing other support duties as defined in the Articles of Incorporation.

Article II

No Stock: Section 1. Voluntary membership poses no ownership or entitlement of any corporation properties for any individual.
(a) Nor shall the corporation offer any such ownership or entitlement of its properties, at present or in the future.

Article III

Membership: Section 1:
(a) Membership: The membership shall consist of persons who have applied for membership and who have voluntarily offered their services to assist in the carrying out of the purposes and objectives of this corporation.
(b) Applicant must have (3) months of continuous recovery, as defined by that person’s 12 Step Program or is in good standing with the recovery community.
(c) People may apply for membership by filling out the prescribed membership form as designed and accepted by the Board of Directors.
(d) The Board Membership Committee shall review and consider for approval all membership applications.
(e) Membership application shall include a $15 administration fee and first two months dues, dues shall be $4.00 (four dollars) per month on implementation of these bylaws and may be changed at any time by the Board of Directors. All shall be paid at time of application. (All members at implementation of these bylaws shall have the administration fee waved one time). Dues are credited the month the membership application is received.
(f) Once accepted all membership dues and fees are non-refundable.
(g) An absence from dues paying for 3 (three) consecutive months shall result in the need to reapply for membership.
(h) Lifetime Membership may be granted at a cost of 5 (five) times the annual dues at any given time. Life membership may be suspended or completely defaulted if in violation of 12 Step Program or if in violation of Alano Codes of Conduct. Life members have the same privileges as other members. Life Membership donation is non-refundable.
(i) Members may have their monthly monetary obligation waived by participating monthly in at least 3 hours of volunteer activities as defined by the Board.

Who may vote: Section 2:
(a) Any member recognized as in good standing with the recovery community and after having been a dues paying member for 3 (three) consecutive months, voting in third month.
(b) Dues must be paid prior to the opening of a regular business meeting to vote at that meeting.
(c) Dues must be kept current, paid one month in advance.
(d) One vote per member may be cast in electing the Board of Directors.
(e) There are no proxy votes.

Membership Benefits: Section 3
(a) Members are entitled to vote who have paid 3 (three) consecutive months prior to the vote.
(b) Members are entitled to other amenities as may be decided by the Board of Directors.

Compensations: Section 4: From time to time a member may be contracted to do a service for the corporation. Then any such contracted person or persons may be compensated.

No Shares: Section 5. No individual shall have at any time any claim to any property of the corporation whether purchased or donated. All property is under the ownership of Alano Club, Inc. unless otherwise specified.

Dissolution: Section 6. Dissolution shall be in compliance with the Amendment of Articles of Association Article III, Section 5.
Article IV
Directors: Section 1:
(a) The leadership of the Association and of the Corporation shall be one and the same and shall serve as the governing body for the Corporation (hereinafter known as “The Board of Directors”.
(b) The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of the Alano Club and the standing board members, and others who are in good standing in the recovery community.
(c) No more than 2(two) immediate family members shall serve on the board at the same time. Immediate is considered to be parent or grandparent, son or daughter, brother or sister, brother-in-law or sister-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law. or spouse. No 2 (two) family members shall be on the Executive Committee at the same time.
(d) Candidates for the Board do not have to be Alano members to be elected, but must complete an application and pay all fees to become a member within one week after being elected to the Board. Once seated on the Board the person has immediate voting rights of membership and Board.

Board of Directors, elections and terms Section 2: The Board of Directors, hereinafter also referred to as “Board” or “the Board”, shall consist of no more than (11) eleven members, to include the officers of the Executive Committee. Directors shall hold office for a period of 2 (two) years, or until their successors are elected and qualified.
(a) Elections: The Board of Directors shall be elected at the regular annual meeting held for this purpose.
(b) The proposed slate of officers and new Board members shall be posted on Alano bulletin boards and on the web site, whenever feasible, in the month before the annual meeting to elect officers.
(c) Other nominations may be accepted from the floor, in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.
(d) In the event of other nominations a paper ballot shall be used to elect the Board. All members in good standing may vote.
(e) The Directors shall consist of at least 8 (eight) participants in 12 Step recovery programs and no more than 3 (three) people engaged in the public health of combating addictions, and who have voluntarily offered their services to assist in the carrying out of the purposes and objectives of this corporation
(f) 6 (six) Directors terms shall begin after the annual meeting of the membership in each odd-numbered year, and 5 (five) shall begin after the annual meeting of the membership in each even-numbered year.
(g) The implementation of two year cycles shall be begin with 5 (five) elected for 1 (one) year and 6 (six) elected for 2(two) years. Hereafter 5(five) shall be elected on even numbered years and 6 (six) on odd-numbered years.
(h) Officers shall serve two year terms and rotate also by 2’s (twos). The President and Secretary elected in even numbered years and the Vice President and Treasurer elected in the odd numbered years.
(i) These bylaws may be implemented any time after they are approved. For instance they may be implemented in June and the remainder of the year shall constitute a full year of service and follow the prescribed even and odd year formula.
(j) Vacancies:
a. Any member of the Board may resign or be removed at any time, as defined in these bylaws.
b. The President shall make appointments to fill vacancies on the Board. Such appointments must be approved by a majority vote of the Board.

Board of Directors duties and responsibilities Section 3:
a. The Board shall be responsible for the control and oversight of the business affairs, property and interests of the Alano Club.
b. The Board shall be responsible for the financial integrity of the corporation.
c. The Board shall protect the assets of the organization, including maintenance of properties.
d. The Board shall establish monetary policy, including rent agreements, charitable endeavors, and maintenance projects over the petty cash fund (previously established by the Board).
e. The Board shall insure the corporation follows all charitable, not-for-profit, 501-C-3 rules and regulations.
f. The Board shall approve all grant proposals for capital appreciation.
g. The Board shall approve all grant proposals for routine property maintenance.
h. The Board shall consider for approval all charitable donations over $2,000 (two thousand dollars) – or a higher amount as may be established by future Boards.
i. The Board shall determine building hours of operation.
j. The Board shall have authority to retain the services of a caretaker, and to dismiss such as necessary.
k. The Board shall have the authority to hire employees as deemed necessary.
l. All Board meetings shall be open to the membership, except the Board may call for a closed meeting as necessary to discuss topics of a personal nature.
m. The Board may vote by telephone or other modern media in the event of emergency requiring funds beyond the petty cash fund. An attempt shall be made to contact all Board members but a majority vote is all that is necessary to approve the funding.
n. The Board shall determine rules of conduct on Alano property.
o. The Board shall operate under the general guidelines of Roberts Rules of Order.
p. Quorum: The presence of a majority of the Board, including two officers, shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at all meetings of the Board.
Committees Section 4
(a) Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the officers of the Board.
a. The Executive Committee shall serve as the personnel committee.
b. The Executive Committee shall serve as the Audit and Finance Committee.
(b) Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of Directors for election at the Annual Meeting.
a. The Nominating Committee shall be composed of at least 4(four) Board Members.
b. The Committee for the coming year shall be appointed no later than September 1 of the current year.
c. The Nominating Committee shall prepare and present a slate of nominees for any and all open positions on the Board at least one (1) meetings prior to the annual member ship meeting.
d. The Slate shall also be posted on appropriate media such as bulletin boards and web sites whenever feasible.
(c) Membership Committee.
a. The Membership Committee shall be composed of at least 3 (three) Board Members.
b. The Membership Committee shall design a Membership Application Form, with Board approval.
c. The Membership Committee shall review application and consider for approval.
(d) Other Committees:
a. The President shall have the authority to create or dissolve any special committees that may be necessary to achieve the purpose or purposes of the Alano Club, with consensus of the Board Members.
b. Each committee shall have at least one Board member.
c. Other committee members may or may not be Board or Alano members

Leadership: The duties of the officers (The Executive Committee): Section 5 –
(a) President –
a. The President of the Alano Club shall preside over all Board and or membership meetings.
b. The President shall have the authority to create or dissolve any special committees that may be necessary to achieve the purpose or purposes of the Alano Club, with consensus of the Board Members.
c. The President shall appoint the Chairperson and members of all committees and shall be an ex officio member of all committees.
d. The President shall sign or co-sign all legal documents.
e. The President shall appoint a Property Manager.
f. The President, or his designee, shall be the official liaison with the Neighborhood Association, the Landmark Commission, the St. Joseph City Government, and other public health organizations as may become necessary.

(b) Vice President –
a. The Vice President shall attend all meetings of the Board and Membership meetings, and other legally called meetings, and work closely with and stay informed of all actions of the President so that he or she may fill in for the President in his absence. The Vice President shall keep a record of all pledges/contributions paid members and call roll at monthly meetings. He or she shall turn pledge/contributions money over to the Treasurer to deposit and record in financial statements.
(c) Secretary –
a. The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Board and Membership meetings, and other legally called meetings, and shall record votes and keep minutes of such meetings in one or more books provided for such purpose.
b. Computer and digital files may be used in addition to, but not in lieu of, paper records.
c. The Secretary shall be the custodian of the corporate records.
(d) Treasurer –
a. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds and accounting records, as defined by standard principles of accounting , of the Alano Club, sign checks and keep a record of all revenue collected.
b. The Treasurer shall report monthly to the Board concerning the financial conditions of the Alano Club.
c. The Treasurer shall assure the preparation and submission of the annual income tax returns each year, as well as any reports or filings required by the State of Missouri or any other government entity.
d. The Treasurer may keep and maintain a petty cash fund, not to exceed an amount set by the Board. Petty cash may be used at the discretion of the Treasurer for Alano purposes, including, but not limited to, funding minor repairs at the request of the Property Manager.
e. The Treasurer shall keep and maintain in books the records of the corporation, accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements,
f. The Treasurer shall deposit all moneys and valuable effects of the Alano Club, in the name of the Alano Club, in such depositories as the Board may designate
g. The Treasurer shall make disbursement of the funds and securities of the Alano Club upon orders of the Board.
h. The Treasurer shall pay regular monthly accounts payable at designated due dates.
i. The Treasurer shall produce an annual finance report.
j. The Treasurer may use computer and digital files in addition to, but not in lieu of, paper records.
k. The Treasurer shall maintain a safe deposit box for valuables designated by the Board.
l. The Treasurer shall make sure all bank account signatures reflect the current officers of the Board.

Forfeiture, removal of Board Members: Section 6.
a- If any Board Member has not maintained continuous recovery as defined in that person’s 12 Step Program or has missed 3 (three) meetings in a calendar year that Board member may forfeit their position. The Board may set aside this action at their discretion.
Removal of a Board Member by the membership: Section 7.
a. The membership may remove any member of the Board.
b. Removal of a Board member shall be initiated by calling a special meeting of the membership called for this purpose. The meeting shall be called by at least five (5) signed members and posted with a thirty (30) day notice. . Removal of any Board Member shall be require as two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership by paper ballot present at the called meeting.

Article V

Meetings Section 1: All meetings shall be conducted in a fashion that would be in compliance with the spirit of Roberts Rules of Order.

a. Monthly: Monthly Board meetings shall be held on the 4th (fourth) Sunday of each month at 5:30 PM, or on another day and time agreed upon by the Board of Directors.
b. Special: A special meeting may be called if requested in writing and signed by any 3 (three) Board members. Notice stating time, place and purpose will be posted by an officer at the Alano Club for at least 10 (ten) days prior.
c. Annual: The annual meeting and election of the Board has traditionally been the second Sunday in January at 5:30 PM. The Board may change this day and time at their discretion and with thirty days’ notice.
d. Sale of Property: Any attempt to sell the property at 401 South 11th Street in St. Joseph, Missouri: The property cannot be sold without membership approval. To sell the property a special meeting must be called. The meeting must be called by 5 (five) signed Board members and posted with at least a 10 (ten) day notice. Passage requires 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of members present by paper ballot.

Article VI

Amend Bylaws: Section 1. These Bylaws of may be amended by a 2/3 (two thirds) majority of members present.
(a) At any meeting, with proper notice given.

Article VII

Amend Articles: Section 1. The Articles of Association may be amended by a 2/3 (two third) majority of regular members present
(a) At any meeting, with proper notice given as defined in Article VII Section 1 of the Articles of Association.
(b) Provided such action is in compliance with Section 353.070, RSMo. And in accordance with these Bylaws.

We the Board of Directors of the Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc. certify and attest to these Bylaws being approved and accepted by a 2/3 (two third) majority of members in good standing of the Alano Club.

In testimony whereof, we, the undersigned, have hereunto set our hands and seal this

________________ day of __________________ in the year of our Lord, 2014.

Members present at this meeting:

BIG BOOK THEOLOGY: “We Agnostics” and William James (By James R.)

Some thoughts on theology and 12 Step Programs

It is common knowledge that AA (and therefore the entire Twelve Step movement) had its birth within and evangelical Christian movement known as the Oxford Group. AA separated itself from the Oxford Group prior to the publication of the Big Book. The Big Book contains some religious language, but only mentions Jesus once, and then only in passing. This has left historians and AA members divided over some important questions. Just how Christian was early AA? Who is the God of the Big Book? Is this the Christian God, or can we really take this to mean a God of our own understanding?

View original post 1,978 more words

Alano Club Is Not the Same as 12 Step Programs

The following was taken as a direct quote from the High Plains Alano Club web site.  There has been no formal adoption of this language by the Alano Club of St. Joseph.  This is merely an example of how the Alano Club and Groups might be distinguished.  While the comparison is clearly a distinction noting the business aspect of Alano we should remember that we are a not-for-profit charitable organization with deep roots in the 12 Step community.

Alano Club / AA / Alanon / GA / NA Interrelatedness

There are sometimes misconceptions and confusion regarding the interrelatedness between the Alano Club and Alcoholics Anonymous/Alanon/Gamblers Anonymous/ and Narcotics Anonymous.

The Club operates as a business whose revenues come from renting the meeting room, membership dues and occasional fundraisers. Alano Club expenses consist of upkeep and maintenance of the facilities, utilities, and other overhead expenses necessary to operate.

The following are some organizational contrasts between the Alano Club, AA and Alanon.

Alano Club of St. Joseph AA & ALANON & GA & NA
Physical Spiritual
Business Fellowship
Dues No Dues or Fees
Needs Income Self-Supporting
Rules and Bylaws Traditions
Organized Never be organized
Officers Trusted servants
Limited Membership All welcome

There are some 12 Step members who are very sensitive to any mixing of 12 Step business with Alano Club business. Alano Club announcements should always be made under “Non-Group Announcements.” The Alano Club is a totally separate entity from AA, NA or Alanon.

Smoke Free Ordinance and Alano

We have inquiries submitted to the City Manager asking for clarification on the Smoke Free Ordinance as it applies to the Alano Club of St. Joseph.   The ordinance takes effect 60 days after passage so we have until June 7, 2014, to determine whether this applies to our property.  We have requested a written response so there is no confusion.

From the City Web site:

Smoke-Free Ordinance Passed April 8, 2014 Voters passed the Smoke-Free Indoor Air Workplaces and Public Places Ordinance on April 8, 2014. The ordinance shall be in full force and effect on June 7, 2014. Click on the link below to view the ordinance.
Smoke-Free Ordinance...

Addiction is a Public Health Issue

Addiction has become so widespread that it is now recognized as a public health issue.  The Alano Club of St. Joseph has a simple mission – hosting meeting space for 12 Step Programs, providing social activities for those in recovery, and education. This mission is designed to support recovery from addiction in a supportive community of other recovering alcoholics and addicts.

In the past addiction was seen as a health issue for individuals.  Today we recognize the public health implications of active addiction.  From ATTC (Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network):

Directly or indirectly, every community is affected by drug abuse and addiction, as is every family.  Cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, lung disease, obesity, and mental disorders can all be affected by drug abuse. Some of these effects occur when drugs are used at high doses or after prolonged use; however, some may occur after just one use . . . A strong link also exists between drug abuse and top social problems such as drugged driving, violence and crime, stress, and child abuse.

As one can easily see, addiction is much more than a drunk sitting on a park bench, or the opium addict hidden in some dark den of abuse.

Addiction is defined as a “…chronic, progressive, incurable disease, characterized by a loss of control over a substance, including alcohol.  Like all chronic, progressive, incurable diseases, addiction has a tendency to relapse.  Consider heart disease, for example.  Like addiction, heart disease has identifiable symptoms and identifiable treatments.  Diabetes and arthritis are the same – identifiable symptoms and identifiable treatments.

Tobacco Effects on Whole Body










From NIDA, 2007  (National Institute for Drug Abuse):

“Drug addiction is preventable. Researchers have developed a broad range of programs that are effective in preventing early use of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs and in curbing abuse that has already begun. Preventing substance abuse early in life, especially during adolescence, can reduce the chances of later abuse and addiction” (NIDA, 2007).

Obviously, the best approach is to never begin the use of drugs in the first place.  Education programs in our schools can help prevent the use of drugs by adolescents.  While Alano does not endorse any particular program, we do affirm the need for early education.

More from NIDA (2007)

“Drug addiction is treatable. Like diabetes, asthma, and heart disease, drug addiction is a chronic disease that can be managed successfully. Relapse is not a sign of treatment failure, but rather an indication that treatment should be reinstated or adjusted to help addicted individuals fully recover (NIDA, 2007).

Recovery of Brain Function








Some drugs seem to be more harmful than others.  The actual difference is in time and quantities.  A classic alcoholic takes about fifteen years to develop full blown alcoholism.  A young person might begin alcohol use in late adolescence.  This person might go to college or enter the military or find a technical school for job training.  With school or military service completed that person likely gets a job, gets married, buys a house, has children, has two automobiles, and a life of dignity and respect.  When the alcoholism matures the person begins having problems at home, at work, and often with the law.  These are the symptoms.

Hard core narcotic use is the same as alcohol with the exception of length of time for addiction maturity.  The same person in the alcohol scenario who begins use of narcotic drugs in late adolescence will probably not complete military service or college or any other form of job training.  They do not begin a profession, struggle in relationships, and have trouble with the law.

As noted in the above chart, the use of methamphetamine has profound impact on our brain.  Total abstinence can see the return of brain function but long term studies have yet to predict the long term damage.

Most of the addictive drugs, including alcohol, cause a wide range of other health issues.  As with the tobacco chart above we know that our internal organs suffer from the constant introduction of toxins in our system.

Many people are in our hospitals with a diagnosis of liver or kidney problems.  Many have heart conditions.  Cancers of a wide variety present themselves.  These diagnosis do not always reflect the cause of the problem – do not recognize the addiction as the dependent variable in individual illnesses.

We are convinced that addiction is a major public health issues and we work everyday to minimize the harm of addiction.


Alano Club of St. Joseph, MO

The Alano Club of St. Joseph was founded in 1949 as Alano Mercy Hospital.  Four beds were available for detoxing alcoholics and meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous were held regularly.  Time and needs changed – and so did Alano.  We presently offer meeting space, social activities, and education to ALL 12 Step Programs.  At the moment we host as tenants Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Gamblers Anonymous.

ADDRESS:  401 S 11th St.; St Joseph, MO

PHONE NUMBER:  (816) 364-9179


Building Trust

Building Trust

Trust is critical, particularly with today’s emphasis on team management.  It is also the foundation for good relationships.  Friendships, families, and organizations need trust to operate effectively.  When people trust each other, everything works better.  But trust doesn’t come automatically.  Trust must be earned.
Some people build trust quickly.  Their attitudes and behaviors make it easy for others to trust them.  Here are several characteristics of these strong trust builders:

  • •    They keep promises, whether to clients, colleagues, or children.  You can rely on them to do what they said they would do.
  • •    They tell the truth, even when it may be painful, or when it may be to their disadvantage.
  • •    They are quick to apologize when they do something wrong.  They sincerely regret doing wrong to others.
  • •    They are good listeners, and they listen at least as much as they talk.
  • •    They generously praise people.  They are constantly looking for what others do right, and commenting on it.
  • •    They willingly cooperate with their colleagues.  They are more interested in achieving good results than in who will get the credit.
  • •    They strive to understand how others feel.  They are sensitive and empathetic to other’s feelings.
  • •    They look out for other people’s interests as well as their own.
  • •    They are fair in their dealings with everyone.
  • •    They clarify their intentions so others will understand their actions.
  • •    They seek input on issues from the people who will be affected by their decisions or actions.
  • •    They are genuinely interested in other people.

Strong trust builders have a high relationship orientation.  They really do care about others.  They actively practice the Golden Rule, treating others the way they would want to be treated.
OBSERVATION:  When you demonstrate these attitudes and behaviors, people just naturally trust you more.  They trust you faster, too.  They enjoy working, or living, with you.