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Cracker Barrel – 2016

The Alano club of St. Joseph is hosting the 15th annual Cracker Barrel weekend.

When:  August 13th and 14th (all day)

Where:401 S. 11th Street, St. Joseph., Missouri

Long-timers Speakers 20 Years plus

Saturday Pancake Breakfast (9-11am)  and close with Ice Cream Social (9pm -)

Sunday 3PM potluck


9-11 am Pancake Breakfast hosted by the 401 AA Group

12 pm – AA-Quinn G. Hope Group – 21 years

2 pm – AA – Rick L. Accent on Sobriety Group – 26 years

4 pm AA – Larry S. Bootstraps Group – 22 years

6 pm – AA- Steve E. Sobriety & Beyond Group – 43 years

8 pm – Alanon – Dora J. Tri Alanon – 43 years

9:30 pm – Ice Cream Social – Host New Hope Alanon


2 pm – AA- Joe W. Accent on Sobriety Group – 37 years

3 pm Potluck – bring a side dish

$$$ donations accepted – coffee and lemonade, pop for sale.

5 pm – Gary L. 401 Group 2.5 years

7 pm – AA – Mary C. Sober Skirts – 26 years

Alano is Looking for a Caretaker


The Alano Club of St. Joseph is looking for a Caretaker.


The Caretaker lives in the Alano building at 401 S. 11th.  We offer a large bedroom, full bath, a shared kitchen, and plenty of fellowship.

The responsibilities are negotiable but generally include locking and unlocking  the main entrance – thus maintaining building hours, keeping the kitchen and bathrooms clean, some floor cleaning in group rooms (sweeping and mopping), routine yard work like cutting the grass and shoveling the walks, and a full time presence at Alano.

This is a great opportunity for someone in recovery and perhaps on disability.

The last caretaker paid $100 per month – but that is negotiable depending on other responsibilities.


Please send inquiries by letter to: Alano Club, 401 S. 11th Street, St. Joseph, Missouri, 64501; or by email to  Be sure to leave contact information.

Also, I am generally at Alano (401 S. 11th) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:30 to about 6:30 – come by if you would like to chat.

Gary L. Clark

Alano Club President

March Alano Board Meeting Rescheduled to March 20th

The regular March Board meeting falls on Easter.  We are rescheduling to Sunday March 20th, at 5:30 PM.

Some items on the agenda:

  • Burglary of NA.
  • Caretaker replacement.
  • Building security
  • Keys to the building
  • Silent Auction
  • Alanon may want to add a Sunday meeting.

Burglary At Alano – NA Rent and Literature Money Stolen

Please help restore NA Rent and Literature money.  Send $10 – $50 dollars to Alano NA Fund, 401 S. 11th Street, St. Joseph, Missouri, 64501.

The Narcotics Anonymous safe was broken into today, probably between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  About $500 in cash was stolen.  This was money to be used to pay the March Rent and to restock literature.

Police were notified.  They took a report and about fifty photos of the crime scene.  The safe is locked in a closet.  That closet is located in a locked room.  The lock to the room and the lock to the closet were pried open.  The safe was breached using some heavy pry bar.  The Group money was stolen.

We gave the police the names of primary suspects.

In the past six months the Board has chosen to prosecute criminal behavior at Alano.  One person has been prosecuted for property damage.  We have also chosen to enforce our Codes of Conduct.  Six people have had their privileges restricted.  Those six were hanging out at Alano and not attending meetings.  This action was taken because small thefts were occurring – like a lamp was stolen from the Al-Anon room.  We believe the lack of a caretaker has attracted some unsavory characters.  This incident reinforces a need to be serious about enforcement of conduct policy.

The next Board meeting will likely result in more restrictions, and perhaps a locking of the facility between meetings.  Sadly, this sort of action is counter to the safe and serene recovery community we are trying to build.

Please help NA by sending $10 or $20 dollars to Alano Rent Fund, 401 S. 11th. St. Joseph, Missouri, 64501.  We are trying to raise $500.00 to pay the NA rent and to restock their literature.


Silent Auction, Speakers, Fish Fry – June 4th

Alano Club of St. Joseph fund raiser

Four Speakers!!!

Silent Auction!!!

Fish Fry!!!

June 4th (Saturday) 2016

Speakers – 30 Minutes each at

1:00 PM
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
4:00 PM

Fish Fry at 4:30

Bring a covered dish

Close Silent Auction at 6:00

Alano Club of St. Joseph
401 S. 11th Street

Mark your calendars – stay tuned,  more information is coming….

Super Bowl Chili Cook-Off 2016

The Alano Club of St. Joseph is again hosting a Super Bowl Party – open to the public.

Sunday February 7, 2016

401 South 11th (enter from side door on Sylvanie Street)

Party starts at 4:30 PM.

St. Joseph, Missouri

Come watch the game on the Big Screen TV

Don’t like football… then come see all the new commercials.

The Chili contest is back.

Think yours is best… make a pot and enter for bragging rights!

Please bring snacks for the table.

Donation basket will be set out.

 Coffee and tea provided

Pop for sale in the machine

Recovery — What a concept!!!

Super Bowl 2016 001


Board Revision With Passing of Danny B.

We are introducing a new Board Member – Terry Jordan.  Danny B. passed away.  He was to be on our Board and serve as Secretary. 

Terry is retired from the St. Joseph News Press.  He has a degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri at Columbia.  Terry has agree to be a Board Member and serve as Secretary on a Provisional basis.  My hope is that he becomes our regular Secretary.  He is certainly competent. 

The Nominating Committee has selected 11 people to serve on the Board of Directors of the Alano Club of St. Joseph.  After weeks of wrangling eleven people have stepped forward to serve.

The Nominating Committee looked at qualities necessary to serve on the Board and at the immediate needs of Alano.

Personal qualities considered were:

  • Belief in the Alano Mission
  • Reasonableness
  • Maturity
  • Willingness to be a team player
  • Responsibility

The immediate needs of Alano are:

  • Finance – we must find more revenue
  • Building needs – several repairs are identified and the upkeep of our building is paramount to fulfilling the Mission.

This is our first election under the new by-laws.  Thus six are being elected to one year terms and five are being elected to two year terms.  This list of names includes officer positions followed by the number of years to serve.

  • Gary Clark       President (1)
  • Julie Barker     Vice President (2)
  • Kirby Ham       Treasurer (1)
  • Terry Jordan   Secretary (1)
  • Vi B. (1)
  • Shirley M. (2)
  • Marvin G. (2)
  • Phil K. (1)
  • Doc Farr (1)
  • John A. (2)
  • Danny P.  (2)

The election is set for Sunday January 10, 2016 at 5:30 PM, in the main hall at Alano.

The meeting shall open and nominated candidates shall be introduced.

A vote shall be called and candidates installed as the new Board.

December 28, 2015, 10:30 AM. The Building is Open, Coffee is On

The Alano caretaker, Danny B., died yesterday.  The building opened today at 10:30 in spite of the tragic event.

The coffee is on.  Bring your snow shovels.


Danny B. – Alano Caretaker – Passed Away

Danny B. – Alano Caretaker the past five years – passed away today at around 5:45 PM, Sunday, December 27, 2015

Danny was upstairs, preparing for a 5:30 PM Alano Business Meeting.  There were a number of people downstairs.  They heard a cry for help from upstairs, went up, Danny was on the floor.  They called 911, the paramedics came and transported Danny to the hospital. He was pronounced deceased.

That is all we know for now.  Our prayers are with his biological family and with his recovery family.

Danny was an integral part of the local recovery community.  At Alano alone he served on the Board, was caretaker, was the Chair person of several important committees for Alano, writing our policy and procedures and our rental agreements with our tenants.  Danny has served on the By-Laws Committee in 2014-2015 that rewrote the Articles of Association and the By-Laws.  He was a member  of the Nominating Committee that has just selected our future Board of Directors.

Danny influenced every element of the operations of Alano.

Season’s Greetings from Alano – 2015

Alano Christmas 009 Alano Christmas 013 Alano Christmas 017 Alano Christmas 021 Alano Christmas 027 Alano Christmas 034