Alano Membership

Life is not about what you get – life is about what you give.

New membership rules were drafted in the rewrite of the bylaws.  Anyone may become a member of Alano.  We encourage people in the larger St. Joseph community to participate in this public health organization.

Being a member serves to support the operation as well as having some opportunities to participate in decisions.  While Alano is governed by an elected Board of Directors the membership maintains certain authority.  Members cast votes on four issues.

  • Elect the Board at the annual meeting in January.
  • Sale of the property is determined by the membership, not the Board.
  • Change the bylaws.
  • Removing Board members is a function of the members.

How to become a member:

Membership is by application approval by the Board.  Currently there is a $15 administration fee and $4 a month dues.  The first two months must be paid when applying for membership – thus the startup cost is $23.  Alano is a volunteer organization, as such contact is limited.  The best option to join is to show up at the monthly Board meeting on the fourth Sunday of the month at 4:30 PM.  The Vice President manages the membership.

So why be a member?

Most 12 Step Programs promote the paradox that a person can not keep what they do not give away.  Working a program means sacrifice – it means that we give to others.  We give of our time, our labor, and our money.  We give with no expectation of any return.

The Alano Club is an independent, 501-C3, not-for-profit, charitable public health organization that is not affiliated with any 12 Step program – that is right, not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous or any other program.  AA does not run Alano.  Alano has an elected Board of Directors and elected Officers.  But Alano has a mission of supporting 12 Step Programs and their individual members.

Money is primarily raised by renting space to 12 Step Programs and we are proud today to have four different programs meeting in our building.  The rental income does not cover expenses.  Funds are raised by charitable donations.  Social events organized by Alano are funded by simply having a ‘donation basket’ available.  One form of charitable donation is in the form of monthly dues.  One does not have to be an active participant in the daily operations of Alano to donate to the cause.  One does not have to be a member to donate to the cause.  However, membership is a motivator to remember each month to donate to Alano.

With rising energy costs and building maintenance expenses we at Alano need more money.  It is as simple as that.

Please consider joining Alano as a contributing member by paying the monthly dues.  Again, one does not have to be a member to donate money.

Any donation shall be greatly appreciated.


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