Board of Directors 2018

Alano Club of St. Joseph, Mo., Inc.

Board of Directors– January 2018

The Nominating Committee has selected four new people to serve on the Board of Directors of the Alano Club of St. Joseph.  After weeks of discussion four people have stepped forward to serve.  The Nominating Committee looked at qualities necessary to serve on the Board and at the immediate needs of Alano.

Personal qualities considered were:

  • Belief in the Alano Mission,  Reasonableness, Maturity, Willingness to be a team player,
  • and Responsibility

The immediate needs of Alano are:

  • Finance – we must find more revenue
  • Building needs – several repairs are identified and the upkeep of our building is paramount to fulfilling the Mission.

Five Board terms expired at the end of this year (2017).  One of these is having their term renewed for another two years.  John Anderson, Terry Jordan, Marvin Gerdes, and Danny Paradise are not returning to the Board after completing their two year commitment.  (number) indicates number of years left on the Board.

  • Gary Clark                   President        (2)
  • Michael D. Rauth       Vice President (1)
  • Kirby Ham                   Treasurer        (1)
  • Brian Hernandez         Secretary         (2)
  • Shirley McKnight         (2)
  • Craig Westbrook.        (1)
  • Tim Graney.                (2)
  • John Howard               (1)
  • Patty Ham                   (2)
  • Jeff Comley                 (1)
  • Joe Wertin                   (2)

The election is set for Sunday January 14, 2017 at 5:30 PM, in the main hall at Alano.

The meeting shall open and nominated candidates shall be introduced.

A vote shall be called and candidates installed as the new Board.