Alano Club Handbook

The Alano Club of St. Joseph, Mo., Inc.

Board of Directors Approved


October 1, 2017

From Architecture and Early Homes of St. Joseph, page 22:





No Smoking in any Alano Building. 10

People cannot store personal items overnight. 10

Candles: 10

Furniture or property in the building. 10

Use of kitchen: 10

Building Hours. 11

Arrangements can be made for special use by groups –. 11

First floor bulletin boards. 11

Our buildings are not flophouses. 11

Staying overnight in the building.  Or on the property. 11

Animals in the building or on the property. 11

Carriage House parking space. 11

Respecting other Groups during Meeting time. 12

Landscaping decisions. 12

Pot Luck Dinners: 12

Keys to the building and to the various storage and closets: 12

Group storage of Group items. 12

Use of the buildings beyond traditional 12 Step Groups: 12

Consequences of Policy violations shall be the same as in Codes of Conduct. 12

Hanging Posters or attaching anything to the Alano Building: 12








Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc.


The Alano Club of St. Joseph is a fellowship of men and women, working together, building a community of recovery.  Great healing occurs in community.  12 Step Meetings represent the core function and those principles come to life in the fellowship of a recovery community.  Love and tolerance of others is our code.  There is no “I” in Alano – we work together as a team with a common goal: A peaceful and serene recovery for all who enter our domain.

The Historic Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, is the oldest Alano Club, west of the Mississippi, formed in the 1940’s and continuing to operate in their original facility.  That original facility is a historic mansion located in the Museum Hill Historic Neighborhood in St. Joseph, Missouri.  The term “Club”, in this case, is a metaphor for healing community.  The “Club” social activities are designed to promote a healing community.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for our participants, as measured by abstinence from alcohol and other substances, as well as by increased life satisfaction, improved family relationships, marital stability, job and career performance, and financial stability.

Alano hosts 40 12 Step meetings each week.  There are around 2,000 individual visits to Alano each month.

A common myth is that AA runs Alano – that is just a myth – AA has never run any Alano Club.  The Alano club of St. Joseph, Mo. Inc., is an independent, private, not-for-profit, 501-C3, self-governing public health organization with an elected Board and elected Officers.  We must note that Alano is not a Mental Health Facility – we do not diagnose or manage any mental health issues.

Contact us at:

ADDRESS:  401 S 11th St.; St Joseph, MO., 64501

PHONE NUMBER:  (816) 364-9179

The Alano Club of St. Joseph was founded in 1948 as Alano Mercy Hospital – it was chartered as a four-bed hospital for the purpose of helping alcoholics in detoxification and for providing two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings each week.  Times changed.  In 1950 Al-Anon was formed, then in 1952 Narcotics Anonymous was founded as the third 12 Step program.  In 1956 Gamblers Anonymous was founded as a 12 Step Program.  Also in 1956 the American Medical Association declared Alcoholism a disease.  That declaration meant alcoholics could be treated in hospital emergency rooms and that insurance companies would cover costs of treatment.

The consequences of these changes prompted the Board of Directors of the Alano Club of St. Joseph to update their charter.  The mission now reflects the support of all people in recovery from addiction.

About the Alano concept:

Alcoholics Anonymous, with roots to 1935, exploded in growth in the early 1940’s.  Many recovering alcoholics wanted to meet more often, and not be restricted to member’s homes or church basements.  Alcoholics Anonymous has a tradition of not owning property – so they consented to individuals who wished to purchase property – allowing only that AA would rent space but not participate in the building operation, ‘…lest problems of money, property, and prestige interfere with our primary purpose.”  An arms-length relationship was formed.

The first AA group in St. Joseph was formed in 1943.  That group of progressive people chartered the Alano Club of St. Joseph, inc. on July 17, 1948.  Mrs. Hax, the widow of George Hax, bequeathed the building to the St. Joseph Art Association in 1947.  The newly chartered Alano Club of St. Joseph acquired the property, did some basic remodeling, and opened the Alano Club in 1949.  The doors have never closed.



Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc.


The Alano club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc. is asking all members, guests, visitors and children to help us maintain an atmosphere of recovery and fellowship while on the premises.

Please be respectful and responsible while meetings are going on and keep any and all noise to a minimum.  Parents help your children to respect the meetings also.

It is not the desire of this Alano Club to deny anyone recovery or what they need to hear in a meeting.  However if you or your children cannot act in a respectful and responsible manner you can be asked to leave.

Your Cooperation is needed.

Guidelines of Conduct

The Alano Club of St. Joseph, Mo, Inc., has decided that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated on Alano property.  Members and guests are expected to act responsibly.  Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to the following:

  • The use or possession of alcohol and/or illegal drugs or any substances used in an illegal manner.
  • Gambling[1]
  • Vandalism or deliberate destruction of Alano property.
  • Physical assault
  • Theft of property on Alano premises

Violation of the above guidelines may result in disciplinary action that includes, but is not limited to a temporary ban from the premises and/or other actions, up to a permanent band and legal actions.  Loitering or hanging out on Alano property, without attending meetings or being a member, may be construed as inappropriate behavior.

Please note:  Inappropriate behavior is not limited to the above examples.

The Board of Directors shall have the authority to suspend, terminate, or restrict membership rights and privileges of any member or guest whose conduct is not consistent with the purpose of the Club and in violation of Club regulations.  Temporary action to do so may be taken by the Executive Committee of the Board, but all such decisions shall be reviewed and confirmed or withdrawn by the Board of Directors at its next regular monthly meeting.  (The Board my retreat into executive session to discuss conduct issues)  A member whose rights and privileges have been suspended or terminated or restricted may appeal to the Board of Directors, by written request, for a hearing at the next regular meeting of the Board.

  1. Anyone may initiate a conduct issue.  A member of the Executive Committee must be notified immediately. That member consults with others on the Executive Committee and a decision is made.
  2. No one is authorized to use physical force while enforcing a conduct issue.
  3. All must be careful to not escalate any situation beyond what it already is.
  4. Person violating codes of conduct shall be instructed to leave the property.  A member of the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer) must be notified immediately.  If person refuses to leave then they may be advised they are in violation and law enforcement may be called.  The Executive Committee shall make a decision that day and the entire incident is subject to Board Review at the next regularly called Board Meeting.
  5. Regarding Ex Parte violations:  Advise both parties that law enforcement shall be notified. No action of expulsion will be expected of Alano members because of legal liability.  It is the job of law enforcement to settle these legal matters – not of Alano.

Regarding automatic discipline for offenses:

There are no automatic 30 day bans.  First time offenders of Alano Codes of Conduct may be verbally warned and a written notation of their warning shall be placed in the Secretary’s file.  A second offense may result in a letter of reprimand noting graduated levels of consequences.  Some offenses may be met with immediate bans – such as alcohol or drugs on the property, gambling, and verbal or physical abuse.  Each case shall be measured on its own merits.

Immediate action may be initiated by the Executive Committee, with final judgement the sole province of the Board of Directors.

  • All disciplinary action by Groups with their members shall be supported by Alano.  If someone is asked to leave a meeting they must also leave the property.


Dear ___________________________________

We are contacting you regarding your repeated violations of the Alano Club of St. Joseph Codes of Conduct and/or inappropriate behavior.  You have been verbally warned, or have been reprimanded regarding your conduct on our property.

Unfortunately your actions compel us to notify you in writing that you must change your behavior or be banned from this Alano Club.

We take this step because it is our obligation as a Board to enforce existing code of conduct and policies but we also are trying to be balanced and compassionate with our recovery motto of second chances.  We are hopeful that you will choose to change your behavior.

However, in the spirit of personal accountability (both individually and as a Board), if you violate the code of conduct again in the next :

  • 30 days
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • Permanently
  • Other__________________________

You will have Club privileges suspended, including a ban from the Alano Club of St. Joseph property:

  • 30 days
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • Permanently
  • Other:___________________________

You will only be allowed back on the property at the end of your ban or by coming to the Board with a written letter explaining how you have changed or why you believe you should be allowed to return to the property.

We do not want to exclude anyone from coming to the Alano Club of St. Joseph to find recovery and it is a last resort that we take this action.


Board of Directors

Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc.



Alano Club of St. Joseph


June 2017

No Smoking in any Alano Building.

If caught smoking you shall be asked to take the behavior out of the building.

If you continue smoking in the building you will be asked to leave the property, and the incident shall be reported to an Officer of the Board that day.  You may be banned from the property.

If you continue smoking, the police will be called.


People cannot store personal items overnight.

Occasionally homeless people wander by and want to store their bedding for the day.  Nothing shall be stored overnight.


Candles are allowed but must be monitored.  No candles are to be left burning when no one is around.

Performing maintenance on the property.

Our historic building must be maintained according to some minimal standards.  Some designated people may initiate and perform maintenance on our buildings.  Generally, we prefer that the Board approve any repair.  For example – no duct tape on the woodwork.

Furniture or property in the building.

Any property that is donated becomes the property of Alano.  No take backs.  If the property (furniture, lamps, kitchen utensils, books, magazines, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc) is in the building overnight, unless otherwise designated, it becomes the property of Alano.

Furniture may not be removed from the building without permission from Alano.

Use of kitchen:

Generally the kitchen is reserved for use by the caretaker.  Groups operating in our building may also use the kitchen for activities.  This includes the refrigerator, stove, and microwave.

Clean up is the responsibility of the group or individual using the kitchen.

Building Hours.

Building hours are from 10:30 Am to 10:30 PM.

Arrangements can be made for special use by groups –

for instance late night or early morning meetings can be accommodated.

First floor bulletin boards

Three sections:

  • Alano
  • Groups
  • Groups may post flyers or other information on the Alano bulletin boards


Individuals may post with Board approval.  Ultimately the Board shall decide if something inappropriate is posted.

Other public health organizations such as the Salvation Army or YWCA abuse shelter may post with Officer approval.

Generally no literature advocating one religious faith over another is allowed

Our buildings are not flophouses.

Sleeping on the floors or across chairs is not allowed.

Staying overnight in the building.  Or on the property.

No one is allowed to stay the night in the building without prior approval.  Homeless people cannot stay the night.

We do not sanction people sleeping on our property.  If someone is found sleeping on our porch, for instance, they shall be asked to leave.  If they refuse the police shall be called.

We will prosecute if necessary.

Animals in the building or on the property.

Pets are discretionary.  Anyone who brings their animal on the property shall be held accountable for the behavior of the animal.

Carriage House parking space.

Reserved for Caretaker or people loading or unloading for Alano business.

Respecting other Groups during Meeting time.

Five different programs meet in our building – please be respectful of their meeting.

Landscaping decisions.

Usually a volunteer approved by the Board.

Large projects require Board Approval

Pot Luck Dinners:

Groups may sponsor Pot Luck Dinners, as well as cookouts or picnics, at their discretion.

Alano does not sanction food not prepared in an inspected kitchen.

Keys to the building and to the various storage and closets:

A Key matrix is maintained by the Alano Board of Directors.  If a new key is to be issued then the Board must be asked.

Group storage of Group items

Storage is the responsibility of the Group.  Keys to such storage are the responsibility of the Group.

Use of the buildings beyond traditional 12 Step Groups:

Seminars, Weddings, Receptions, other activities must be approved by the Board.

Central calendar to maintain order.

Consequences of Policy violations shall be the same as in Codes of Conduct.

Hanging Posters or attaching anything to the Alano Building:

The Alano club of St. Joseph meets in the historic George Hax mansion located in the Museum Hill Historic District of St. Joseph, Missouri, at 401 South 11th.  As such, Alano has somewhat unique guidelines for hanging posters or mounting locks or any other form of physical change.  The woodwork is original from 1886 – thus we are particularly careful in granting any change that might cause harm.  We ask that groups be cognizant of our unique building and bring any requested physical changes to the Alano leadership, Caretaker, or Property Manager.  Please respect our property.

If you or your group are unclear about a particular policy, or have a concern about it, you are welcome to attend a regular monthly meeting of the Alano Board of Directors and bring it up for discussion or clarification.

Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc.

Plant and Equipment


The Board of Directors is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Alano buildings and property.  A number of maintenance projects are identified – on-going building repair is needed.  The Board determines priority.  For instance, faced with a choice between a new garbage-disposal in the kitchen or updating the smoke alarms the Board must decide which takes priority.  Volunteers may not decide to do anything to the property without Alano approval.

Routine maintenance is that which is done as a matter of course when owning property –Routine Maintenance comes in two categories:

One time fix (like a leaky water faucet)

Project (Requires more than one day, has defined objectives, and someone is accountable as the project supervisor – such as patching, repairing, and painting a room.)

Traditionally Alano has had a Property Manager – this is a volunteer position – a person who is effectively on-call for emergency or immediate repairs, such as a leaky faucet or broken window.  The Property manager and the Alano Treasurer may spend up to $150.00 in a given month for repairs.  This expense must be reported to the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Projects:  When a project is identified and a volunteer steps forward to tackle the project that volunteer and someone representing Alano – either the Property Manager or President reviews the Project with the volunteer and they delineate the project scope.  Materials needed are identified and a budget is approved (Less than $150 does not require immediate Board Approval).  The volunteer may be designated as the project supervisor.  Other volunteers may join the project but the project supervisor has final say on project decisions.  The project supervisor supervises work – not people.

Sometimes when doing a project, other maintenance issues are discovered that expand or are outside of the scope of the original project.  In this case, the project supervisor must consult with his Alano representative.  The additional work is either added to the current project or a new project is identified.

Alano Club of St. Joseph


The mission of the Alano Club of St. Joseph is to offer a support environment for people recovering from addiction, whether directly or indirectly.  The primary strategy we employ to accomplish this mission is to provide meeting space to 12 Step Programs, Social Activities for people in 12 Step Programs, and education.

The Alano Club of St. Joseph does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. Alano is an equal opportunity/equal access action organization and complies with all Federal and Missouri State laws, regulations, and executive orders regarding non-discrimination.

Providing meeting space is established by a rental agreement with any registered 12 Step Program.  Every rental agreement is on a month to month basis.  There are no formal contracts signed, only a ‘handshake agreement’.  This ‘handshake’ implies agreement on several guidelines.  Termination of the rental agreement requires a 30 day notice from either Alano or the Group.  There are some guidelines – commitments between both tenant and landlord:

Landlord rights and responsibilities:

  1. The Alano Club, as landlord, will provide meeting space for an agreed upon monthly rent.
  2. The rent amount is generally based on number of meetings, the space required, and intangibles – but is always tailored to each individual tenant.
  3. Groups are asked to elect an Alano Liaison – someone with the authority to speak for the Group.
  4. New groups must present registration with their respective world sanctioning body.
  5. New groups are often given rent deferments so they might accrue literature and other supplies for conducting meetings.
  6. All utilities are included in the rent.
  7. Alano furnishes the groups with tables and chairs.
  8. Alano, as a charitable organization, offers a full service kitchen, yard, patio, and several rooms for social activities between meeting times.  There is no charge for these services.  All 12 Step programs are ‘fellowships’ – a sharing of a common malady.  Socializing in a fellowship adds value to recovery.  Alano does not sanction food processed in a non-inspected kitchen.
  9. The calendar is open for organized Group activities and the space is awarded on a first-come first-serve basis.  Again there is no charge for organized activities beyond the Group Meetings.  The Groups, while paying no extra charge to Alano, may have a cover charge or simply ‘pass the basket’ either as a fundraiser or to offset the cost of the event.  Alano does not sanction charging for food.
  10. Alano often organizes activities, welcoming all tenant programs to participate together as a community in recovery.  There may be a cover charge if the activity is deemed a fundraiser, or a basket may be passed for donations.
  11. Fundraising events are allowed.
  12. Alano, as a not-for-profit charitable organization, may grant waivers of all or parts of the agreed upon rent when requested by tenant.  (Alano recognizes the precarious nature of self-supporting programs and allows for some variance).
  13. Alano offers a safe sanctuary from troubles by enforcing a code of conduct for both groups and individuals.  Alano may act independently of any group to hold individuals accountable for poor behavior.  Alano is not a sanctuary for escaping from police.  We do not harbor criminals.
  14. Panhandling is not allowed on the Alano property.
  15. Groups are expected to keep their rented area clean.
  16. Regular chaos or drama in or on our property shall not be tolerated.
  17. Alano shall respect conduct decisions by each program.  For instance, if someone is disruptive and asked to leave a meeting they must also leave the property.
  18. When any authorized group opens an official meeting of their program Alano must step out of the room both literally and figuratively.
  19. The Groups are autonomous except as they may affect other groups meeting at Alano, or the reputation of Alano.
  20. Alano reserves the right to terminate any rental agreement with thirty days’ notice.
  21. Alano shall notify groups when their regular meeting room is to be used for special events.

 Tenant (Group) Rights and Responsibilities:

  1. Must be registered with respective world body. (Wavers may be granted while waiting for approval from the respective world service body.
  2. Conduct meetings according to respective world body guidelines.
  3. Pay rent on time.
  4. Adhere to codes of conduct and policy and procedures of Alano.
  5. Groups have the right to uninterrupted meetings by Alano activities.
  6. Individuals have the right to use the building for social activities between group meeting times.
  7. Groups and individuals have the right to come to Alano unmolested in any way.
  8. Groups have the right to file complaints with Alano and have their complaints addressed in a timely manner.
  9. No illicit drugs or alcohol are allowed on the property.  (See codes of conduct).
  10. No gambling is allowed on the property.
  11. The Groups, and individuals in the groups, must respect the rights of other groups and individuals in the building.
  12. Groups must adhere to the non-discrimination policy of Alano.
  13. Every 12 Step Group renting space from the Alano is autonomous, with no endorsement of Alano, either written or implied.
  14. We encourage each group to police their own members rather than having Alano take disciplinary action.
  15. Group leaders and members are welcome at Alano Business Meetings and may have input on issues relevant to their group needs.
  16. Alano recommends each group elect a liaison to Alano, they may attend Board meetings and speak for the group.
  17. Service work is an integral component of 12 Step Recovery programs.  Alano offers opportunities for service by individuals – this does not imply an endorsement by the Group.
  18. Individual group members may also be members of Alano as a function entirely different and separate from their group membership.
  19. Individuals group members who demonstrate responsibility, maturity, and reasonableness may be asked to serve on sub-committees or even the Alano Board of Directors.  Acceptance does not imply endorsement of Alano by the group.


Alano participates in the larger community of recovery by engaging area treatment centers, the courts, Probation and Parole, the hospital, churches, and other 12 Step Programs in the area.  Alano is also a member of the Museum Hill Neighborhood Association.  Renting meeting space from Alano in no way suggests the endorsement of any outside organization by either the group or individuals in the group.

While Alano does not interfere with Group Meetings, there are expectations of good behavior.  The codes of conduct apply to groups and individuals.

Security issues of protecting Group supplies are addressed on a case by case basis.  Supplies may be locked away.  One Group might use an existing closet while another might have a free standing cabinet or file cabinet.

Alano Club / 12 Sep Program Interrelatedness

There are sometimes misconceptions and confusion regarding the interrelatedness between the Alano Club and 12 Step Programs

The Club operates as a business whose revenues come from renting the meeting room, membership dues, free will donations, and occasional fundraisers.  Alano Club expenses consist of upkeep and maintenance of the facilities, utilities, organizing social activities, and other overhead expenses necessary to operate.

The following are some organizational contrasts between the Alano Club and 12 Step Programs

Alan Club 12 Step Programs
Physical Spiritual
Business Fellowship
Dues No Dues or Fees
Needs Income Self-Supporting
Rules and Bylaws Traditions
Organized Never be organized
Officers Trusted servants
Limited Membership All welcome

There are some 12 Step members who are very sensitive to any mixing of 12 Step business with Alano Club business. The Alano Club is a totally separate entity from all 12 Step Programs.




July 31, 2015

            KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT, that we, the undersigned, for the purpose of forming a corporation under the laws of Missouri relating to benevolent, religious, scientific, educational and miscellaneous associations under Chapter 352, RSMo, in connection with others, have entered into the following agreement:


Section 1: Name.  The name of the corporation shall be Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc.

Section 2: Location.  The location of this corporation shall be in the City of St. Joseph, County of Buchanan, State of Missouri.

Section 3:

  • Purposes. The general purposes and objectives of this corporation shall be to provide meeting rooms, education, spiritual help and training, social activity, and such other assistance as may be lawfully provided for those in the City of St. Joseph and surrounding areas, who suffer from substance abuse or other forms of addiction, or other maladies as defined in the Bylaws, either directly or indirectly, to give aid and assistance in case of need, and to otherwise promote the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual welfare in accordance with accepted practices and programs.
  • Property. The corporation may acquire and hold, rent, or lease in its own name such real estate and buildings as may be required to provide a proper meeting place or center of activity in carrying out the recovery programs, and may execute all contracts, deeds, deeds of trust, notes, mortgages, leases, and other instruments necessary or incidental to the obtaining and maintaining of such facilities, or sale of any of its assets, whether real, personal or mixed, or whole or in part.
  • Volunteers. The corporation shall strive to recruit and promote volunteers from its members and the larger public health community to help carry out the purposes and mission of this corporation
  • Employees. The corporation may employ any and all other purposes necessary to the operation of its business when volunteers are not feasible.
  • Who may sign documents. All legal documents shall be signed on behalf of the corporation by its President or Vice-President or Treasurer and attested to by its Secretary.

Section 4:  Term:  The term of this Corporation shall be perpetual.


Section: No Stock.  This corporation shall have no capital stock or any kind, nature, or amount whatsoever.


Section 1: Organizers.  The names of the persons organizing this corporation are Tome T. Byrne, R. F. Collins, Lon Miller, A. H. Bottorff, Monte U. Norton, Everett Euler, Ed Johnson, Owen Henson, Robert W. Andres, Ernest Baker, and George Fanning.

Section 2: Membership:  The membership shall be composed of persons residing in the City of St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri, or other counties in the area who have applied for membership in accordance with the Bylaws of this corporation, and who have voluntarily offered their services to assist in carrying out of the purposes and objectives of this corporation.

Section 3: Resignation. Any member of this corporation may at any time resign by delivering a written resignation to the person in charge of the business office of this corporation or to any officer of this corporation.

Section 4:

(a)Dues.  Membership dues shall be set by the Board of Directors as described in the bylaws.  Membership is not required to participate in recovery programs.  Membership is required to set on the Board of Directors, as defined in the bylaws.  Membership is required to vote at the annual meeting and other specially called meetings, as defined in the bylaws.  No promised contribution or pledge shall have any binding or legal effect on any member who may make such pledge and any such pledge shall be considered only a moral obligation.

(b) Compensation.  No compensation shall be paid by the corporation to any member for any services rendered in carrying out the primary purposes and objects of this corporation, unless a member shall be designated by the Board of Directors as a paid secretary or custodian of its properties, or who shall devote his or her full time to the business affairs of the corporation.

(c) Negation of pecuniary gain.  This corporation is not organized for a pecuniary profit.  It shall not have any power to issue certificates of stock or declare dividends, and no part of its net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any member, director, or individual; provided, however, that the corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered to or for the corporation in carrying out its purposes.  The balance, if any, of all money received by the corporation from its operations and charitable donations, after the payment in full of all debts and obligations of the corporation of whatever kind or nature, shall be used and distributed exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes, this shall include but is not limited to the endowment of an Alano Foundation formed to hold money in trust for future Alano obligations.

Section 5: Dissolution. Upon dissolution of the corporation, the assets shall be distributed to a similar not-for-profit corporation or organization if it then qualifies for exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law), to be selected by a majority vote of the membership.  Otherwise, the assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future United States Internal Revenue Law, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.  Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of competent jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated for such purposes.

Section 6: Prohibition against specified activities.  Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, the corporation shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by a corporation exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law) or (b) by a corporation, contributions to which are deductible under Section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).

Section 7: Who may vote.  Only members in good standing, as defined in the Bylaws, shall be entitled to vote at the annual meeting to elect the Board, or any special membership meeting called as defined in the Bylaws.  Only duly elected members of the Board of Directors shall vote at Board meetings. The Board, as the governing body, votes on all questions affecting the business, organization, operation and policies of this corporation.


Section 1: Officers.  The officers of the corporation shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.  The officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting, as defined by the Bylaws, and shall hold office for a not less than one year, as defined by the bylaws, or until their successors are elected and qualify.  If an acting officer, corresponding secretary, parliamentarian, or historian is desired, he, she or they may be appointed by the President, subject to approval by the Board.

Section 2: Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than five (5) and not more than twenty-one (21) members.  Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall hold office for a period defined by the Bylaws, or until their successors are elected and qualify.

Section 3: Duties.  To the extent not contrary to these Articles of Association, the duties of the officers and directors shall be set out in the Bylaws of the corporation.

Section 4. Initial Officers and Directors.  The initial officers and directors of the corporation who shall serve until the annual meeting on the first Thursday in January, 1949, are:


Tom T. Byrne, President

  1. F. Collins, Vice-President

Lon Miller, Secretary

A.H. Bottoroff, Treasurer



Monte U. Norton

Everett Euler

Ed Johnson

Owne Henson

Robert W. Andres

Ernest Baker

George Fanning.

(b) Forfeiture of Office.  If any officer or director shall, during his or her term of office, die, resign, become incapacitated, neglect or refuse to perform the duties of his or her office, then in any one or more of such events, his or her office shall be subject to removal at the discretion of the Board as defined in the Bylaws.  Said vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the Bylaws.

Section 5. Annual Meeting.  At the annual meeting of the corporation, the Board of Directors of the corporation for the following year shall be elected by a majority vote of the members in good standing who are present and voting as defined in the Bylaws.  No member shall be permitted to vote by proxy.

Section 6: Executive Committee.  The Bylaws may provide for an executive committee and its power and duties shall be defined by the Board of Directors.

Section 7: Special Meetings.  Special meetings of the members of the corporation may be held at any time or place in the City of St. Joseph, Missouri, or at such other time and place to which the meeting may be adjourned.


Section 1: Annual Meeting.  The annual meeting of the corporation shall be held on the second Sunday or January in each year in the City of St. Joseph, Missouri, or at such other time and place to which the meeting may be adjourned.

Section 2: First Meeting of Board of Directors.  The first meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held immediately following the annual meeting each year, and shall organize by electing the officers for the following year.


Section 1: Amendments to Bylaws.  The Bylaws of this corporation may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members at a meeting called for that purpose, as defined by the Bylaws.


Section 1: Amendments to the Articles of Association.  These Articles of Association may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members at a special meeting called for that purpose, as defined by the Bylaws, and in compliance with Section 352.070, RSMo, as amended from time to time.  A quorum shall be defined by the Bylaws.


Circuit Court sanctioned Article revision July 23, 2015

BYLAWS became effective July 23, 2015

Article I

Name: Section 1. The name of the Corporation shall be Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc.

Location: Section 2. The location of this corporation shall be 401 S. 11th Street in the city of St. Joseph, in the county of Buchanan, in the state of Missouri, or other places properly adjourned to.

Purpose: Section 3.  The purpose shall be to support the groups and members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other non-profit 12 Step Programs.

  • By renting rooms for meetings.
  • By renting rooms for social activities for individual members or groups at the discretion of the Board
  • By creating, conducting and providing for social activities.
  • By doing the business of the Alano Club.
  • By adopting and maintaining a basis of self-support but may accept funding or donations equal to or above $2,000 (two thousand dollars) with Board of Directors approval; and less than $2,000 is acceptable without approval.
  • By cooperating in the larger community of public health
  • By doing other support duties as defined in the Articles of Incorporation.

Article II

No Stock: Section 1. Voluntary membership poses no ownership or entitlement of any corporation properties for any individual.

  • Nor shall the corporation offer any such ownership or entitlement of its properties, at present or in the future.

Article III

Membership: Section 1:

  • Membership: The membership shall consist of persons who have applied for membership and who have voluntarily offered their services to assist in the carrying out of the purposes and objectives of this corporation.
  • Applicant must have (3) months of continuous recovery, as defined by that person’s 12 Step Program or is in good standing with the recovery community.
  • People may apply for membership by filling out the prescribed membership form as designed and accepted by the Board of Directors.
  • The Board Membership Committee shall review and consider for approval all membership applications.
  • Membership application shall include a $15 administration fee and first two months dues, dues shall be $4.00 (four dollars) per month on implementation of these bylaws and may be changed at any time by the Board of Directors.  All shall be paid at time of application. (All members at implementation of these bylaws shall have the administration fee waved one time). Dues are credited the month the membership application is received.
  • Once accepted all membership dues and fees are non-refundable.
  • An absence from dues paying for 3 (three) consecutive months shall result in the need to reapply for membership.
  • Lifetime Membership may be granted at a cost of 5 (five) times the annual dues at any given time. Life membership may be suspended or completely defaulted if in violation of 12 Step Program or if in violation of Alano Codes of Conduct.  Life members have the same privileges as other members.  Life Membership donation is non-refundable.
  • Members may have their monthly monetary obligation waived by participating monthly in at least 3 hours of volunteer activities as defined by the Board.

Who may vote: Section 2:

 Any member recognized as in good standing with the recovery community and after having been a dues paying member for 3 (three) consecutive months, voting in third month.

  • Dues must be paid prior to the opening of a regular business meeting to vote at that meeting.
  • Dues must be kept current, paid one month in advance.
  • One vote per member may be cast in electing the Board of Directors.
  • There are no proxy votes.


Membership Benefits: Section 3

  • Members are entitled to vote who have paid 3 (three) consecutive months prior to the vote.
  • Members are entitled to other amenities as may be decided by the Board of Directors.

Compensations: Section 4:  From time to time a member may be contracted to do a service for the corporation.  Then any such contracted person or persons may be compensated.

No Shares: Section 5.  No individual shall have at any time any claim to any property of the corporation whether purchased or donated.  All property is under the ownership of Alano Club, Inc. unless otherwise specified.

Dissolution: Section 6. Dissolution shall be in compliance with the Amendment of Articles of Association Article III, Section 5.

Article IV


Directors: Section 1:

  • The leadership of the Association and of the Corporation shall be one and the same and shall serve as the governing body for the Corporation (hereinafter known as “The Board of Directors”.
  • The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of the Alano Club and the standing board members, and others who are in good standing in the recovery community.
  • No more than 2(two) immediate family members shall serve on the board at the same time. Immediate is considered to be parent or grandparent, son or daughter, brother or sister, brother-in-law or sister-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law. or spouse.  No 2 (two) family members shall be on the Executive Committee at the same time.
  • Candidates for the Board do not have to be Alano members to be elected, but must complete an application and pay all fees to become a member within one week after being elected to the Board. Once seated on the Board the person has immediate voting rights of membership and Board.

Committees Section 4

 Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the officers of the Board.

    1. The Executive Committee shall serve as the personnel committee.
    2. The Executive Committee shall serve as the Audit and Finance Committee.
  • Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of Directors for election at the Annual Meeting.
    1. The Nominating Committee shall be composed of at least 4(four) Board Members.
    2. The Committee for the coming year shall be appointed no later than September 1 of the current year.
    3. The Nominating Committee shall prepare and present a slate of nominees for any and all open positions on the Board at least one (1) meetings prior to the annual member ship meeting.
    4. The Slate shall also be posted on appropriate media such as bulletin boards and web sites whenever feasible.
  • Membership Committee.
    1. The Membership Committee shall be composed of at least 3 (three) Board Members.
    2. The Membership Committee shall design a Membership Application Form, with Board approval.
    3. The Membership Committee shall review application and consider for approval.
  • Other Committees:
    1. The President shall have the authority to create or dissolve any special committees that may be necessary to achieve the purpose or purposes of the Alano Club, with consensus of the Board Members.
    2. Each committee shall have at least one Board member.
    3. Other committee members may or may not be Board or Alano members

Leadership: The duties of the officers (The Executive Committee): Section 5 –

  • President –
    1. The President of the Alano Club shall preside over all Board and or membership meetings.
    2. The President shall have the authority to create or dissolve any special committees that may be necessary to achieve the purpose or purposes of the Alano Club, with consensus of the Board Members.
    3. The President shall appoint the Chairperson and members of all committees and shall be an ex officio member of all committees.
    4. The President shall sign or co-sign all legal documents.
    5. The President shall appoint a Property Manager.
    6. The President, or his designee, shall be the official liaison with the Neighborhood Association, the Landmark Commission, the St. Joseph City Government, and other public health organizations as may become necessary.
  • Vice President –
    1. The Vice President shall attend all meetings of the Board and Membership meetings, and other legally called meetings, and work closely with and stay informed of all actions of the President so that he or she may fill in for the President in his absence. The Vice President shall keep a record of all pledges/contributions paid members and call roll at monthly meetings.  He or she shall turn pledge/contributions money over to the Treasurer to deposit and record in financial statements.
  • Secretary –
    1. The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Board and Membership meetings, and other legally called meetings, and shall record votes and keep minutes of such meetings in one or more books provided for such purpose.
    2. Computer and digital files may be used in addition to, but not in lieu of, paper records.
    3. The Secretary shall be the custodian of the corporate records.
  • Treasurer –
    1. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds and accounting records, as defined by standard principles of accounting[2], of the Alano Club, sign checks and keep a record of all revenue collected.
    2. The Treasurer shall report monthly to the Board concerning the financial conditions of the Alano Club.
    3. The Treasurer shall assure the preparation and submission of the annual income tax returns each year, as well as any reports or filings required by the State of Missouri or any other government entity.
    4. The Treasurer may keep and maintain a petty cash fund, not to exceed an amount set by the Board. Petty cash may be used at the discretion of the Treasurer for Alano purposes, including, but not limited to, funding minor repairs at the request of the Property Manager.
    5. The Treasurer shall keep and maintain in books the records of the corporation, accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements,
    6. The Treasurer shall deposit all moneys and valuable effects of the Alano Club, in the name of the Alano Club, in such depositories as the Board may designate
    7. The Treasurer shall make disbursement of the funds and securities of the Alano Club upon orders of the Board.
    8. The Treasurer shall pay regular monthly accounts payable at designated due dates.
    9. The Treasurer shall produce an annual finance report.
    10. The Treasurer may use computer and digital files in addition to, but not in lieu of, paper records.
    11. The Treasurer shall maintain a safe deposit box for valuables designated by the Board.
    12. The Treasurer shall make sure all bank account signatures reflect the current officers of the Board.

Forfeiture, removal of Board Members: Section 6.

  • If any Board Member has not maintained continuous recovery as defined in that person’s 12 Step Program or has missed 3 (three) meetings in a calendar year that Board member may forfeit their position. The Board may set aside this action at their discretion.

Removal of a Board Member by the membership: Section 7.

  1. The membership may remove any member of the Board.
  2. Removal of a Board member shall be initiated by calling a special meeting of the membership called for this purpose. The meeting shall be called by at least five (5) signed members and posted with a thirty (30) day notice.  .  Removal of any Board Member shall be require as two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership by paper ballot present at the called meeting.

Article V

 Meetings Section 1: All meetings shall be conducted in a fashion that would be in compliance with the spirit of Roberts Rules of Order.

  1. Monthly: Monthly Board meetings shall be held on the 4th (fourth) Sunday of each month at 5:30 PM, or on another day and time agreed upon by the Board of Directors.
  2. Special: A special meeting may be called if requested in writing and signed by any 3 (three) Board members. Notice stating time, place and purpose will be posted by an officer at the Alano Club for at least 10 (ten) days prior.
  3. Annual: The annual meeting and election of the Board has traditionally been the second Sunday in January at 5:30 PM. The Board may change this day and time at their discretion and with thirty days’ notice.
  4. Sale of Property: Any attempt to sell the property at 401 South 11th Street in St. Joseph, Missouri:  The property cannot be sold without membership approval.  To sell the property a special meeting must be called.  The meeting must be called by 5 (five) signed Board members and posted with at least a 10 (ten) day notice.  Passage requires 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of members present by paper ballot.

Article VI

Amend Bylaws: Section 1. These Bylaws of may be amended by a 2/3 (two thirds) majority of members present.

  • At any meeting, with proper notice given.

Article VII

Amend Articles: Section 1. The Articles of Association may be amended by a 2/3 (two third) majority of regular members present

  • At any meeting, with proper notice given as defined in Article VII Section 1 of the Articles of Association.
  • Provided such action is in compliance with Section 353.070, RSMo. And in accordance with these Bylaws.

We the Board of Directors of the Alano Club of St. Joseph, Missouri, Inc. certify and attest to these Bylaws being approved and accepted by a 2/3 (two third) majority of members in good standing of the Alano Club.

In testimony whereof, we, the undersigned, have hereunto set our hands and seal this

________________ day of __________________ in the year of our Lord, 2014.





Members present at this meeting:

[1] No lottery tickets, no raffles, no drawings, no lottery tickets.  Auction or silent auction is not gambling.  No Super Bowl gambling on the premises.  Games such as Scrabble are not considered gambling.

[2] Constraints

  • Objectivity principle: the company financial statements provided by the accountants should be based on objective evidence.
  • Materiality principle: the significance of an item should be considered when it is reported. An item is considered significant when it would affect the decision of a reasonable individual.
  • Consistency principle: It means that the company uses the same accounting principles and methods from period to period.
  • Conservatism principle: when choosing between two solutions, the one which has the less favorable outcome is the solution which should be chosen.

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