Wrought Iron Fence Project 2013 Report

Alano Club of St. Joseph 2013 Wrought Iron Fence Project
Project Narrative

” A 2011 spring storm knocked over a tree. The tree hit the wrought iron fence and knocked the fence down. Parts were broken and bent. Most of the broken parts were destroyed. Some members of Alano stood the fence up and secured it with wood braces attached to wood stakes in the bank. Conflict arouse around who and how the fence was to be repaired. Time passed. In the spring of 2013 the City Property Management Department gave the Alano Club a citation for failing to fix the fence. A short time was given to get the fence repaired. A member volunteered to fix the fence with the stipulation that he be allowed to work alone to avoid the regular controversy about whom and how things are to be done. Some parts had to be fabricated from flat iron and angle iron. Rebar was allowed to replace the destroyed anchor poles. The fence was repaired in about eight days.

While repairing the damaged fence the rest of the fence around the building was assessed. That part of the fence had been repaired for $3,500 in 2001. The inspection revealed that the work done in 2001 was not adequate to keep the fence level and straight. The member volunteered to repair the whole fence with the added condition that he be allowed to landscape the fence line to protect the fence in the future. Permission was granted.
The process was one of excavating the fence line. Old fence parts were unearthed. Where possible these were returned to their original purpose in the fence. The excavation also revealed the original engineering – thus informing the process of re-engineering of the repaired fence to alleviate sinking, bowing, and leaning.
The previously painted fence showed signs of flaking paint, rust, and even red primer. The repaired fence was given a decorative coat of flat black paint to return it to its original appearance.
The project was financed by the Alano Treasury and member donations. All labor was voluntary.”

The total cost of the project was $210, including concrete, paint, and flowers.

new pictures 040Alano Stuff 082


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