Building Trust

Building Trust

Trust is critical, particularly with today’s emphasis on team management.  It is also the foundation for good relationships.  Friendships, families, and organizations need trust to operate effectively.  When people trust each other, everything works better.  But trust doesn’t come automatically.  Trust must be earned.
Some people build trust quickly.  Their attitudes and behaviors make it easy for others to trust them.  Here are several characteristics of these strong trust builders:

  • •    They keep promises, whether to clients, colleagues, or children.  You can rely on them to do what they said they would do.
  • •    They tell the truth, even when it may be painful, or when it may be to their disadvantage.
  • •    They are quick to apologize when they do something wrong.  They sincerely regret doing wrong to others.
  • •    They are good listeners, and they listen at least as much as they talk.
  • •    They generously praise people.  They are constantly looking for what others do right, and commenting on it.
  • •    They willingly cooperate with their colleagues.  They are more interested in achieving good results than in who will get the credit.
  • •    They strive to understand how others feel.  They are sensitive and empathetic to other’s feelings.
  • •    They look out for other people’s interests as well as their own.
  • •    They are fair in their dealings with everyone.
  • •    They clarify their intentions so others will understand their actions.
  • •    They seek input on issues from the people who will be affected by their decisions or actions.
  • •    They are genuinely interested in other people.

Strong trust builders have a high relationship orientation.  They really do care about others.  They actively practice the Golden Rule, treating others the way they would want to be treated.
OBSERVATION:  When you demonstrate these attitudes and behaviors, people just naturally trust you more.  They trust you faster, too.  They enjoy working, or living, with you.

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