Giving the Group Your Best

Giving the Group Your Best

12 Step Programs center on the all-volunteer self-help group.  In all cases, a  group works best for its members with help from its members.  To get the most out of your group, you should be prepared to put things into it.  Consider the following suggestions:

  • •    Remain committed to recovery.  This group cannot do its real job for you if your attitude is shaky.  Keep your commitment strong.
  • •    Attend the meetings.  Your absence takes from the group – your presence gives to it.  As with so many things in life, just being where you know you should be can be half the battle.
  • •    Be open and honest with yourself and others.  This group can be the right place to take risks, to stumble, and to learn to succeed and to be your true self.
  • •    Get to know each member and be available to each other.  The problems and progress of others in the group affect you.  We need each other.
  • •    Create friendship.  Reach out and take chances.  Others here might even become good, close friends.
  • •    Bring good cheer and optimism to the meetings.  We need good feelings, and we all have the power to create them and not just wait for them.
  • •    Ask for what you need.  If you want your issues addressed, speak up, Make the meetings work for you.
  • •    Learn through the group wisdom.  Through the group, solutions to many problems are available to you.  Pay attention to what others have to say, and you may hear many important things you did not even think about before.
  • •    Be prepared to act when you see a member going astray.  Confront him or her in a respectful and honest way.  If you need support to do this, get it.
  • •    Offer a good word when someone does well.  We know how tough it can be.  Sincere approval is precious.
  • •    Honor the group rules.  The rules express the needs of a recovering group.  Just as you should not cheat in recovery, do not disregard the rules in the recovery group.
  • •    Make your contributions count.  Think, get to the point, and be practical.  Do not show off or hog the time.
  • •    Help get things done.  If something needs doing – do it.  After all, it is a self-help group.
  • •    Be trustworthy.  Honor confidentiality and do what you say you will do for others.
  • •    Strive to be a person of your word.
  • •    Share the group with your partners in recovery.  Bring them to meetings when appropriate and encourage them to know this part of your life.
  • •    Give back to others.  You will have valuable insights and experiences.  Please share them so that others can learn from you and so you will not forget.

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